Hello Families!

Fun things are happening at the Norris After School Program.  The program was able to hire some new staff.  I am excited to welcome Ms. Cauley and Mrs. Lamb both second grade teachers and Mrs. Sorcinelli (SPED teacher).  Ms. Cauley will be teacher art, Mrs. Lamb will be doing Fun Friday and Mrs. Sorcinelli will be teaching jump roping.

Reminder we will not be open on the half days before Thanksgiving or Christmas break.  If you have any questions regarding the program please feel free to email me.  ksullivan@collaborative.org

Parent pick up is in the front of the building, the door closest to Gunn Road Ext.  (It is considered the 6th grade wing)  Go to the doors and in the top right you will see a bell.  This bell rings into the cafeteria where we are.  This is the same for the drop off for the morning program.

Welcome to the Norris After School Program managed by the Collaborative for Educational Services.

The program has been running at the William E. Norris Elementary School since September 2015. The Norris After School Program provides academic support and enrichment after school for students through grade six.

The Collaborative for Educational Services, located in Northampton, MA since 1974, is a non-profit educational services agency, committed to reaching and educating all learners, and is experienced in working with educators to help students learn and succeed. CES partners with and supports local school districts and schools to help them assess their instructional programs and create new ways to improve instruction, student learning, and achievments.